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Zircon Ring

18K Rose Gold, Diamond Ring

4.3ct Zircon
1.3ct Diamonds

Attracted by the color hue of Zircon, this gem reminded us of the Maldives. And as a nature lover, Zircon brought us even closer to nature itself. With the inspiration from nature, a floral motif design was implemented to the band which represents that this gem is now adorned by nature. This Zircon ring is the epitome of nature, with diamonds attached to the band and surrounding the gem, highlighting the Zircon even more! Bringing out a look of elegance, beauty and sparkle. Speak with us to create special and one-of-a-kind stunning jewellery! You will be proud!

Zircons can display such great sparkles of color and brilliance that, in the past, jewelers used colorless zircons as diamond lookalikes.

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