Bespoke Jewellery in Singapore for Exquisite Personalization

Welcome to Gems Origin, your ultimate destination for fine bespoke jewellery in Singapore. We specialize in creating personalized masterpieces that elegantly reflect your unique style and individuality. Our unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and exceptional gemstones truly sets us apart from the competition.

Discover the Art
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At Gems Origin, we believe in transforming your vision into reality. From bespoke engagement rings to custom-made necklaces, our exquisite collection of jewellery offers limitless possibilities. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously handcraft each piece, ensuring unparalleled attention to detail.

Additionally, our master artisans, with their unparalleled expertise, pour their passion and precision into every creation. With meticulous attention to detail, they breathe life into precious gemstones and precious metals, transforming them into one-of-a-kind masterpieces that reflect your individuality and style.

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Step 1

Decide on a comfortable budget for your fine bespoke jewellery. This initial step will help us present you with suitable gems in your preferred colours. Once you have determined your budget, we can proceed to showcase a stunning array of gemstones that aligns perfectly with your desired colours.

Step 2

As you move forward, pick a gem that truly speaks to you. Moreover, remember that every gemstone is distinct in its own right, serving as the catalyst for your personalized journey.

Step 3

Work with us to conceptualize and explore designs around your unique gem. Let us bring your vision of your perfect jewel to life.

Step 4

With the final sketch approved, our team of highly skilled artisans will handcraft your customised jewellery. The crafting process takes 6 to 8 weeks.

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Private Experience

Indulge in a personalized and exclusive journey where you not only get to discover customised jewellery, but also have the opportunity to explore a range of stunning designs tailored exclusively and uniquely for you. You can experience the joy of owning one-of-a-kind pieces that truly reflect your individuality, status, and style.

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High Quality

At Gems Origin, meticulous attention is given to every gem and diamond, regardless of size. This ensures that only the highest quality stones are handpicked. From exquisite sapphires to radiant diamonds, our discerning eye seeks brilliance, clarity, and uniqueness in each precious gem we select.

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Unique Jewel

At Gems Origin, we take pride in crafting exquisite and fine bespoke jewellery that are true works of art. Our skilled artisans pour their passion and expertise into every creation, ensuring that each piece is unique, detailed, and never duplicated, just like you. Experience the beauty and exclusivity of Gems Origin's collection today.

“Unleash Your Creativity,
Experience Superior Quality
With Fine Bespoke Jewellery”

A Bespoke Experience
Like Never Before

fine bespoke jewellery

Express yourself through customised jewellery that tells your story. Choose from a wide range of gemstones sourced from around the world, including rare and precious stones. Our team of experts will guide you through the design process, turning your ideas into extraordinary works of art.

Gems Origin places utmost importance on quality and takes pride in commissioning aesthetically strong customised jewellery designs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every piece is crafted with precision and passion. From the moment you explore our collection to the day you wear your fine bespoke jewellery, you'll feel the difference.


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Ready Made Jewellery

Discover your perfect match among our extensive selection of ready-made customised jewellery. Whether it's earrings, necklaces, pendants, or rings, we have a diverse range to suit your style. What sets our collection apart is that each piece is tailored and hand-crafted by our skilled artisans, guaranteeing unrivaled quality and attention to detail.

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Customise Your Own Jewellery

Are you yearning for a truly customised jewellery experience? Well, look no further. Start by selecting a captivating gemstone that resonates with your spirit. Then, entrust us with your unique story. Together, let's embark on an unforgettable bespoke adventure, carefully crafting a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that perfectly symbolizes the essence of you.

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Gemstone Sourcing

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Repair and Resize

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Fine Bespoke Jewellery

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stacey lwinstacey lwin
00:46 10 Jan 24
My favourite jeweller that is none pushy and listen carefully to your needs. Quality gems stones for investment, quality diamonds that shines all the time are my favourite. I love how the designs are customised to my needs. Every time I wear Gems Origin Pieces, many would ask where I get them due to their quality shine. Very pleased with my purchases.
Wai wai NgWai wai Ng
12:46 05 Dec 23
I have been wanting to upgrade my ring for years and a girlfriend of mine recommended Venessa. She showed me some diamond pieces and gem stones during the short meet up at her home studio in March, I wasn’t sure yet and left it there. In Aug, I decided to update my ring instead of an upgrade in size, and Venessa gave me suggestions on how to make my diamond appears bigger with a halo design. I was elated. So instead of purchasing another solitaire, I bought this pink spinel and she customised it for me. I am very happy with the outcome. Love the spinel and my updated diamond ring. Thank you for being so patient, and helping me save cost, giving me options instead of hard selling. I can see myself getting more gemstones from her. It has been a fun and stress free experience.
Rachel CheongRachel Cheong
09:26 15 Nov 23
Completed my first bespoke earrings and it’s simply amazing taking on this journey with Gems Origin. Ven is absolutely professional in providing absolute advice and she handpicks only the best gems to be put together. What’s more, she is one of the few GIA certified gemologists in Singapore hence the quality of the gems she picks are guaranteed. In addition, she is a second generation geologist which means she grew up looking at gems. Most importantly, she ensures that these bespoke pieces are reasonably priced for her customers. I absolutely love my first bespoke piece and enjoyed the entire journey with Gems Origin. “Quality over quantity” - looking forward to my annual bespoke piece. 😊
MSL JayantthiMSL Jayantthi
01:18 13 Oct 23
Extremely happy with my pendant. I have been asking my own jeweller to create this pendant for over a year to match my earrings and he couldn't customise it to my request.When I approached Venessa, she immediately got to work and asked what kind of pendant hole I wanted and made sure the requirements were customised according to my wish.Truly appreciate her advice and expertise.Now I have a set of matching earrings and a pendant that I have not taken off since I received it.And not surprisingly, every time I meet someone, their eyes are on the pendant!Thank YOU Venessa and Gems Origin!Yes, I do intent to add more personalised pieces and hand them over to my grandchildren 🙂
Ms LimMs Lim
10:57 06 Oct 23
After comparing several jewelers, I ended up going back to Gems Origin. My journey started when I wanted to give my old engagement ring a new life. But after some considerations, I decided to get a new one instead. After my first wonderful experience with Venessa, I went on to order a few more pieces with her advice.Venessa was very patient with me by coming up with several variations to suit my lifestyle and budgets. She listened to my requests and ensured that I was a part of the entire process. Gems Origin may not be the cheapest jeweler in the market but I am extremely pleased with the high quality of the gemstones used. She also fine tuned them until she’s happy with the end product.I would recommend Gems Origin to anyone who wants a wonderful bespoke experience. Already can’t wait to design my next piece with Venessa!
Carissa KangCarissa Kang
15:28 05 Oct 23
Venessa gave my ring a new life with this redesign! On top of this, I sent her a few pictures of wedding bands I'd like and she crafted this gorgeous band for me in a few days. It looks exactly like the band I saw on another site, but at a MUCH lower price - which means I've saved enough for ANOTHER purchase in the near future (girl math ;p).Thank you Venessa for always being so patient and SUPER efficient! Always turning things around so quickly and meeting my super tight timelines whenever I'm back home. I always look forward to coming here whenever I'm back in Singapore
11:14 23 Sep 23
I received my very first pair of custom-made earrings from Gems Origin, and I couldn't be more impressed with the exquisite quality and design. From the initial discussion of the design, Venessa, the founder of Gems Origin, displayed remarkable patience and dedication. I got a halo design earrings as proposed by Venessa. The removable halo jacket on the earring allows for a simple stud design when desired. I couldn't be happier with this proposal, and I was truly delighted when I received the earrings. For anyone considering customizing fine gemstone jewelry, I strongly recommend Venessa from Gems Origin.
Rachael SiaRachael Sia
05:21 22 Dec 22
I'm a very fussy nitpicker and I needed a wedding ring that was showy enough for me to be proud of yet have a timeless enough design to withstand decades of wearing it (I intend to wear it to the grave).Venessa was very patient every step of the bespoke process, from sketches, to taking pictures of how the gems would look like laid together, to telling me what she personally think would work or wouldn't work, and catering to my endless questions and adjustments.If you're looking for efficiency + quality + beauty, Gems Origin is really the go-to place. Also, did I mention they are very cost effective for their quality and workmanship? I have referred a few of my friends to them and will continue to refer more.
Wendy TohWendy Toh
14:22 26 Oct 22
My dearest sisters wanted to get me a birthday present this year and I thought it should be something I can pass on to my daughters in time to come. My younger sister found Gem Origins coincidentally online when we were discussing what to get and she told me to drop them a message. It took me more than a month to think about the design and then decided to message them! Venessa was so responsive and helped me with the design. As I don’t really have a picture to show her, I could only describe and try my best to show her what I wanted. After a few drafts, she totally nailed what I wanted! Totally blown away by this beautiful pendant which I can pass it down for generations to come! 😊 it was a total coincidence that I found you and I took the leap of faith! Thank you so much for making this piece come true, Venessa! This is my first piece of customized jewelry but definitely won’t be my last with you! 😊
Vivian LeungVivian Leung
04:06 14 Oct 22
Gems Origin first caught my eyes due to raving recommendations from a friend. Being a first-timer to the bespoke process, I only had a vague idea of what to expect. However, working with Venessa (& Damala) surpassed my wildest dreams. From the first day of contacting her, Venessa has shown me what a professional she is – from the meticulously picked gems to keen sense of details and her confidence in the value that she brings to her clients. While she is not afraid to express her opinions and/or advice, I appreciate that she is a problem-solver and gives valuable input to guide me into making the best decisions. Aside from the absolutely reasonable price point, Venessa & Damala made me feel like we were a team bringing my visions into reality. They were extremely accommodating to my idiosyncrasies, and presented me with different designs that were aligned with my theme(s) and/or inspiration(s) and budget. What truly astounds my partner and I, is how brilliant and unique the pieces are, separate or worn together and how shiny the gems are. In short, you can be assured that you will be getting tasteful and quality pieces for your dime. We simply cannot recommend Gems Origin enough! Thank you for the life-changing experience and being a part of our journey.
Pamela ChongPamela Chong
09:55 12 Oct 22
Highly recommend Venessa and Gems Origin to anyone looking for bespoke jewellery! In fact, brought my mother in law during my collection who ended up also buying something! You will definitely find gems that will catch your eye and at a very justifiable price because Gems Origin doesn't operate from a retail store.I was looking for a pair of gems to match a pair of rose gold hoops and this pair of pink heart shaped morganites really caught my eye. The gems really speak for themselves, sparkly even without light. There was no pressure at all with the sale and after checking out 5 different bespoke jewellers, I came back to Gems Origin not only because the gorgeous rare pair of pink morganites were still the nicest but also cos Venessa was super helpful and assuring to helping us rush it for my wedding day as a gift from my mom. Really appreciate how beautiful they turned out!
Semantha TanSemantha Tan
09:00 06 Oct 22
Venessa has an impeccable eye for gems, and is always able to curate superior quality gemstones to add to my collection! Beyond her trade expertise and professionalism, what really drew me to Gems Origin is her transparency and credibility - she prioritises my needs and preferences, offering professional advice and insights, while also safeguarding my interests. This meant that I don’t have to be paying exorbitant prices for quality pieces! Here, I am always assured that every bespoke purchase is not just a luxury collection but also an investment piece and heirloom.I used to be intimidated or overwhelmed by the bespoke process due to the perception that I needed to understand gems and creative design, but Venessa made the whole experience so enjoyable and memorable. Gem collection is indeed a journey and I am truly delighted to have found Gems Origin! Many more exciting gem projects ahead to look forward to.
Sreedharan VijayamohanSreedharan Vijayamohan
21:37 15 Mar 22
Vanessa has been attending to my bespoke needs for 3 years now. She has an eye for details and design. More importantly, she seeks out the best gems for the most affordable prices and never compromises on standards or quality even it it’s a small piece of jewellery. Gems Origin isn’t just another jewellery business, but you will be in for a treat of service, passion and sincerity if you ever engage them/ her to get your jewellery done/ customised.
Evonne LimEvonne Lim
12:07 27 Jan 22
It was a very good experience with Gems Origin. Their great advice on the gemstone was awesome! They listened to my thoughts and they came up with great designs which I totally loved it! After I got my ring from them, I immediately requested them to customize the bracelet..Thumbs up on their designs and services!!Will definitely recommend them to my friends!
Muhammad NifailMuhammad Nifail
01:32 17 Jan 22
A very very excellent bespoke jewellery making service. The entire process was detailed out very clearly and they are able to guide you through each decision making step. It gave me confidence that they know their stuff!Overall 10/10 service. If you guys want to make your future engagement rings or any sort of jewellery with a certified gemologist from GIA giving you the best stones there are, this is the place to go!I wish I could post the picture of my engagement ring here, but I'll keep it in wraps until I do propose! 😛
Karista KKarista K
10:24 16 Jan 22
Had my very first piece from them since three years back when I reset my proposal ring. Their rings are full solid gold and diamonds are amazing quality. I have received many compliments wearing it. Amazing value and designs. Recently I have started collecting gemstones and they managed to source a 3 carat red ruby (with certification) and set it beautifully. Am glad to have found Gems Origin, definitely going back to them again.

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