10.12ct Emerald-cut Aquamarine



14.58 x 10.91 x 8.53mm

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Introducing our Emerald-cut Aquamarine—a breathtaking and captivating gemstone that showcases the serene beauty of aquamarine in an elegant emerald cut. This gemstone is a celebration of tranquility and sophistication, destined to become the focal point of a truly remarkable piece of jewelry.

Measuring 14.58 x 10.91 x 8.53mm, our Emerald-cut Aquamarine boasts impressive dimensions that accentuate the stone’s clarity and natural radiance. The emerald cut, with its sleek lines and step-cut facets, enhances the gem’s transparency, allowing light to dance through the stone and showcase its tranquil blue hue.

With a generous carat weight of 10.12 carats, this aquamarine is a statement gemstone that effortlessly captures attention. Its size and cut make it a versatile choice for various jewelry designs, from classic solitaire rings to sophisticated pendant necklaces.

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