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venessa lim founder

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venessa lim

At Gems Origin, we firmly believe that superior quality gemstones are a sound investment. We also believe that gemstone collection should be more accessible to everyone, not only for investment but also for personal pleasure. Gemstones are a distinct asset class that offer the added benefit of being used to create bespoke fine jewelry, which increases their value even more. These high jewelry pieces are everlasting and can be passed down to future generations, preserving one's legacy and family heritage.

Venessa's passion for jewelry started when she was only seven years old. At that time, she was introduced to diamonds and gemstones in her mother's jewelry store. Throughout her childhood and school breaks, she spent most of her time at the store, where she assisted in sifting through high-quality diamonds and gemstones. As a second-generation jeweler, Venessa has accumulated over three decades of expertise in the industry.

The idea for Gems Origin was to make high-quality fine jewelry available to everyone, and that's precisely how it came into being. Over the past 12 years, the brand has grown steadily, solely by word-of-mouth.

“Your Story.
Our Legacy of Excellence”

Blue diamond ring

Every Gems Origin jewellery tells your story. Each piece is a unique reflection of you, expressing your tales at different milestones of your life. The focus of Gems Origin is on crafting only quality jewellery. Your jewels will be handcrafted with high-quality gems. Gems Origin’s pieces are worth your wearing, and for generations to keep. Led by our motto, ‘quality over quantity,’ we love helping gems and jewel lovers like you in your quest for collecting fine pieces, one at a time.

Our affection for fine quality jewellery.

Gems Origin is the only jeweler in Singapore who inspects every gem we work with, no matter their size. We only work with top-quality diamonds and gemstones as we believe you will see the difference. Our policy? We’d only curate jewellery with gems we see value in. Every gem in Gems Origin’s pieces goes through a process of filtering and is handpicked by Venessa, who is a GIA gemologist and certified diamond grader.

“Every Design Unique,
and Aesthetically Pleasing”

Work with our designer who will consult you on your vision, lifestyle and personal liking for your jewellery. At Gems Origin, design work is not simply about placing different gems together. Instead, we take pride to make sure that every design is detailed, making sure that the various gems placement complements well together. Whether your style is classic, art deco, edgy, or whimsical, talk to us! Then leave it to us to work our magic. We will bring your perfect dream jewel to life!

Whatever gem you are on a hunt for, or a jewellery piece you intend to customise, the Gems Origin experience is personal to you. Take complete control over how your jewellery would look like. Because when it is bespoke, there is no room for any compromise. We curate jewellery that represents you.

“Experience the Bespoke
Journey. Our Promise
for Perfection

Every bespoke piece we create focuses on you. Here, you’ll see how we make your dream jewellery piece – from design to handcrafting it to perfection.

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