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Gemstone Shapes and Cuts: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gemstone

Gemstones come in all shapes and sizes, and the cut of a gemstone can significantly affect its beauty and value. Specifically, the shape of a gemstone refers to its outline, while the cut refers to the angles and proportions of the facets. In this guide, we'll not only explore the most popular gemstone shapes and cuts, but we'll also provide helpful tips to assist you in choosing the perfect stone for your jewellery.

Popular Gemstone Shapes

Gemstone shapes refer to the physical outline of a gemstone, and they can be categorized into basic geometric shapes. With over 10 types of gemstone shapes, we'll now introduce some of the most popular shapes, including those that are most commonly used in the industry.

Round Shape

Round gemstones are the most popular and classic shape. Notably, they're often used for engagement rings and solitaire settings. Additionally, the round shape is very versatile and can be used for a variety of jewellery designs.

round cut

Oval Shape

The oval shape is similar to the round shape, but elongated. As a result, it's a popular choice for engagement rings and earrings. Additionally, oval gemstones are often cut with a brilliant faceting pattern, which creates a lot of sparkle.

oval cut

Pear Shape

The pear shape, also known as the “teardrop” shape, has one end pointed and the other rounded. This shape is often used for pendants and earrings. Additionally, because of its elongated shape and its pointed end, pear shape often looks bigger than the round at the same carat weight.

pear cut

Princess Shape

The princess shape is a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners that has become a popular choice for engagement rings. Furthermore, it can also be used for pendants and earrings. Additionally, the princess shape is cut in a brilliant faceting pattern, which gives the shape a lot of sparkle.

princess cut

Cushion Shape

The cushion shape, with its square or rectangular shape and rounded corners, is a vintage-inspired shape. Consequently, it's often used for engagement rings and earrings.

cushion cut


The emerald shape, with its rectangular shape and cut corners, is a classic shape that is often used for engagement rings. Additionally, the emerald shape is step cut, and has fewer facets than the brilliant cut. Nonetheless, it creates a unique, crisp and elegant look.

emerald cut


The radiant shape, with its square or rectangular shape and trimmed corners, is a versatile shape that can be used for engagement rings, earrings, and pendants. Moreover, the radiant cut has a brilliant faceting pattern that creates a lot of sparkle.

radiant cut

Popular Gemstone Cuts

Gemstone cuts refer to the way a gemstone is shaped and polished to enhance its beauty and brilliance. These cuts are made by a skilled lapidary who uses specialized tools to shape and facet the stone. Moreover, here we'll introduce some of the most commonly seen gemstone cuts.

brilliant cut

Brilliant Cut

The brilliant cut is the most popular cut for gemstones. Specifically, a round brilliant cut diamond has a circular shape with 57 or 58 facets. This cut maximizes the stone's brilliance and creates a lot of sparkle.

step cut

Step Cut

The step cut, with its long, narrow facets that create a "staircase" effect, is often used for emerald and rectangular-shaped gemstones. Although the step cut creates a less brilliant look, it highlights the gemstone's colour and clarity.

mixed cut

Mixed Cut

The mixed cut, which combines the brilliant and step cut, is designed with the crown (top portion) of the gemstone cut with a brilliant pattern, while the pavilion (bottom portion) is cut with a step pattern. As a result, this cut maximizes the gemstone's brilliance and colour.

rose cut

Rose Cut

The rose cut is a unique cut that has a flat bottom with a domed top and a faceted crown. The crown of the gemstone has triangular facets that converge at the center of the stone. This cut is highly popular for creating a vintage-inspired look and is commonly used for diamond and coloured gemstones.

cabochon cut

Cabochon Cut

The cabochon cut, which has a flat bottom with a domed top that's smooth or slightly faceted, is a cut that highlights the gemstone's colour and texture. It's often used for opaque gemstones such as turquoise and opal.

How to Choose the Perfect Gemstone Shape and Cut

When choosing a gemstone shape and cut, there are a few things to consider:

1. Personal Style

When choosing a gemstone, it's important to consider your personal style and the type of jewellery you prefer. For instance, you should ask yourself whether you like classic, vintage, or modern styles, and whether you prefer bold or delicate designs.

2. Finger Size

Additionally, it's important to consider the size and shape of your finger when choosing a gemstone. If you have short fingers, a pear-shaped gemstone may elongate your finger, while a round shape may create the illusion of a wider finger.

3. Colour and Clarity

The shape and cut of a gemstone can have an impact on its colour and clarity. Specifically, a step cut has the ability to accentuate the clarity of a gemstone, whereas a brilliant cut can bring out its colour.

4. Setting

A simple solitaire setting is an elegant and timeless choice that can showcase the gemstone's shape and cut. On the other hand, a halo setting can add extra sparkle and create the illusion of a larger stone by surrounding the center gem with smaller gems.

5. Budget

There are various factors that can influence the price of a gemstone. One of the most important factors is the shape and cut of the stone. Round and brilliant-cut gemstones are generally more expensive due to their popularity and the amount of rough material that is lost during the cutting process. However, step-cut gemstones can be less expensive while still maintaining their beauty.

"Gemstones come in a variety of shapes and cuts, each with its unique beauty and value. Whether you prefer classic round shapes or vintage-inspired rose cuts, there's a gemstone shape and cut that's perfect for your style and personality. By considering your personal preferences, finger size, colour and clarity, setting, and budget, you can choose the perfect gemstone for your jewellery. So go ahead and explore the world of gemstone shapes and cuts, especially with Gems Origin – the possibilities are endless!"

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