Rainbow Tennis Dangles


Carat Weight

62pcs Fancy Sapphire 3.52ct
2pcs Diamonds 0.09ct

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Product Description

Introducing our Rainbow Tennis Dangles—a spectacular display of vibrant colors and timeless elegance. These dangle earrings are a celebration of the mesmerizing allure of fancy sapphires, paired harmoniously with the brilliance of diamonds, creating a pair that embodies luxury and sophistication.

Each earring boasts a captivating array of sixty-two fancy sapphires, with a combined carat weight of 3.52 carats. The sapphires showcase a mesmerizing spectrum of colors, evoking the beauty of a rainbow and creating a captivating focal point that symbolizes joy and positivity.

Amidst this colorful array, two brilliant diamonds make a subtle yet significant appearance, with a combined carat weight of 0.09 carats. These diamonds have been meticulously selected for their exceptional clarity and brilliance, adding a touch of timeless radiance to the vibrant composition.

The design of these Rainbow Tennis Dangles is a harmonious blend of color and elegance. The sapphires are thoughtfully set to create a mesmerizing cascade that draws the eye and commands attention. They sway gracefully with your every movement, reflecting light and casting a captivating shimmer that is nothing short of enchanting.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these dangle earrings are a testament to the artistry of fine jewelry. The play of light within the sapphires and diamonds creates a mesmerizing interplay that is both bold and refined.

The secure lever-back closure ensures that these earrings stay comfortably in place while you dazzle at any event or occasion. Whether worn as a statement piece for a glamorous evening or to add a touch of vibrant luxury to your everyday look, these Rainbow Tennis Dangles are designed to complement your style with grace and sophistication.

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