Orange Red Spinel

Product Description

Description :

  • 0.90ct Unheated Spinel.
  • No eye visible inclusions, strong lustrous gem.
  • Orangey red in hue. This gem packs a punch! If you are on the lookout for a unique siren red, this is for you!

Dimensions :

  • Approx 5.98mm (H) x 4.26mm (W) x 3.58mm (D)

Spinel is a mineral with a lot of history. Long mined in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand, spinel garnered deep appreciation for its beauty, even winning a treasured place in a number of crown jewels. One of the most famous spinels in the world is the Black Prince’s Ruby, the 170-carat gem that adorns the U.K.’s Imperial Crown.

And the Timur Ruby, also part of the British crown jewels, is actually a 361-carat polished red spinel. The Black Prince’s Ruby is the largest uncut spinel in the world, and once decorated King Henry V’s helmet during battle. You may be surprised to know that spinel is rarer than ruby, but this has not affected its price (yet). Although spinel is still less expensive than ruby, the market for spinel has been increasing.

And, now that spinel has been added as a third August birthstone, its popularity may increase further still, bringing its value up as well. Bright blue spinel, a more uncommon variety, has also been found in Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. These smurf-blue deposits owe their rare coloration to cobalt that joined the minerals as the gemstone was forming.

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