Lime Peridot

Product Description

Description :

  • 3.88ct Unheated Lime Peridot pair.
  • No eye visible inclusions, strong lustrous gem.
  • A unique lime color pair of Ascher peridots. The sky’s the limit with this pair. Too many possibilities for that unique pair of earrings!

Dimensions :

  • Approx 7.03mm (H) x 7.03mm (W) x 5.08mm (D) each

A glimmer of green like sunlight through the trees, Peridot is a prized gemstone known for its summer spirit, its good-luck vibes, and its uncanny ability to keep you calm and feeling safe no matter what is going on around you.

However, even beyond ancient times and tales of Egyptian queens, Peridot has a long and fabled history when it comes to being revered by those in power.

In addition, pretty Peridot crystals come in a range of glimmering greens – from golden to olive green and even a splash of lime green from the olivine. While sometimes referred to as ‘the poor man’s emerald’, there is nothing modest or humble about this lively bright stone.

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