Grey Spinel

Product Description

  • 3.2ct Grey Spinel
  • Mystical hue with a gentle blend of grey and purple. Gem is eye clean with no visible inclusion.
  • Lustre is excellent.

As one of the oldest known gemstones, spinels have had many meanings and beliefs attached to them, though as it has only recently been recognized as a distinct gemstone, many of these are confused with rubies and other gemstones.

Spinel gems are said to help set aside egos and become devoted to another person. Like most fiery red stones, spinel is believed to encourage great passion, devotion and longevity.

Most gray spinel has a minor blue or violet secondary color component. It is relatively rare to find a spinel with a perfectly neutral gray color.

Hence, the value of the stone depends muchly on color; the deeper the grey, the more valuable the stone. Spinel’s from Myanmar and Tanzania are considered the best quality spinel’s, and they can sell for up to $10,000 per carat for a stone heavier than 5-carat.

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