Emerald Necklace


Carat Weight

17pcs Emerald 12.88ct
304Diamonds 4.44ct

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Product Description

Presenting our breathtaking Emerald Necklace—a true masterpiece that encapsulates the lush beauty of emeralds and the dazzling brilliance of diamonds. This necklace is a harmonious symphony of nature’s finest treasures, meticulously crafted to create a wearable work of art that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Seventeen exquisite emeralds, totaling an impressive 12.88 carats, are the stars of this necklace. Each emerald boasts a rich green hue that reflects the vibrancy of nature itself, making it a captivating centerpiece that symbolizes growth and renewal. The emeralds are skillfully arranged to create a captivating pattern that draws the eye and commands attention.

Surrounding these precious emeralds are a breathtaking array of 304 round-cut diamonds, totaling 4.44 carats. These diamonds have been carefully selected for their exceptional clarity and brilliance, creating a mesmerizing backdrop that accentuates the emeralds’ allure. The diamonds are meticulously set to capture and reflect light from every angle, resulting in a scintillating display of radiance that is nothing short of extraordinary.

The necklace is expertly designed to drape gracefully around the wearer’s neck, ensuring that each emerald and diamond is showcased to perfection. The intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail in this piece make it a true embodiment of luxury and elegance.

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